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    Music Lessons Curriculum

    Student will participate in half-hour classes with complete focus on musicianship and skill. These one-on-one sessions are specific to each individual’s ability and learning pace. $35 per half hour lesson.

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    Guitar                   Piano

    Cello                     Vocal

             Violin                    Saxophone

       Bass                     Drums


    Vocal/Songwriting Lesson

    This class is offered to vocalists or instrumentals who are interested in learning how to write songs and compose their own original material. These sessions will last an hour long. Vocalists will discover singing techniques to build a strong foundation in the individual’s specific style. $70 per hour lesson.

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    DJ Lessons

    Students will learn the basic elements of becoming a DJ (Beat Matching, Quick Mixing, Pitch Matching, Transitions, Phrasing, Counting, Loops, Cues, etc.) and Tips/Tricks to set themselves apart from the average “DJ” through lessons with David Posso, one of Central Florida’s most unique DJ’s.
    $35 per half hour lesson.

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    Band Sessions

    Learn from industry experts and put your skills to the test by performing with other musicians. A Music Director will guide the ensemble through a series of songs that will provide musicians the ability to play with others. Sessions will cover the following styles: Rock – Country -Pop – Blues – Hip Hop – RnB

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